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A 60th anniversary La Leche League pin, coming this summer! The anniversary pin is designed and produced by the LLL Alumnae Association, as requested by LLLI. It can be mixed and matched with the Leader pin that recognizes years of dedicated service as a La Leche League Leader. Order these lovely recognition pins for a mentor, Area Leaders or yourself.

60th Anniversary of La Leche League International!

Donate to the Commemorative DVD

In celebration, a commemorative video is being professionally produced by a LLL Leader who is a professional television producer. It features interviews with La Leche League Founders who share unique insights into their collective journey that changed infant feeding practices around the world. While Lisa Manning, LLLI Leader/television producer, donated her time and personal resources to a portion of the cost of the DVD production, donations are needed to complete the project.

We, the LLL Alumnae Association, are happy to help support production costs with our donation. We are asking you, our members and friends, to join us in supporting the project with your individual donations. The amount still needed is $3,700. Gifts at all levels are appreciated. Send donations, marked LLLI DVD Donation,to Patti Hope, Treasurer, 2457 Vivian Circle, Decatur, GA 30030-1592 or donate online through our website.
100% of your donation to the commemorative video via the LLL Alumnae Association will be sent to LLLI.

2015 was the 30th Anniversary of the LLL Alumnae Association!

Read about LLL Alumnae Association history in “The Alumnae Association: A Second Generation Begins” from Continuum, 2011 Vol 24 No 2, pg 4.

The LLL Alumnae Association is pleased to offer a Tribute membership!

The Tribute Membership offers you the opportunity to connect in a special way with other Alumnae members, colleagues, family or cherished friends. Honor your favorite people with a Tribute Listing in Continuum as well as a Tribute Listing on the Alumnae website for one year. The listing provides the name and state or country of the person you want to honor, along with your name and state or country and up to 15 words telling everyone why you wish to honor this person.

With a Tribute Membership you receive all the benefits of regular Alumnae membership: a print copy of Continuum, published three times a year, a discount on LLL Alum trips, staying in touch with other Alum members, plus access to news and updates from LLLI if you choose to join the LLL Alumnae Association Yahoo Group. You can renew your Alumnae membership or become a Tribute Member at any time. Your Continuum subscription will be extended with a new expiration date.

The annual tribute membership fee is just $56 US dollars. You can be proud to know that $5 of every Tribute Membership will be donated directly to the LLL Breastfeeding Helpline-US. When mothers contact the Helpline, LLL Leaders personally answer their breastfeeding questions or concerns.

We hope you will consider this opportunity to support the LLL Alumnae Association as well as pay tribute to special friends. Membership helps to keep the organization moving ahead and helps you to stay connected to others who share a similar background in La Leche League. Become a member or renew.

See the tributes and Judy Torgus memorial here.