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The mission: To provide an opportunity for current and former LLL Leaders and members to continue a lifelong connection with one another, extend LLL values and wisdom into all stages of life, and support the mission of La Leche League.


LLL Alumnae Association is on Facebook. The Facebook group is open to Alum members and non-members. Join the conversation!
We try to make the LLL Alumnae Association Facebook page worthwhile and fun for you with daily posts about breastfeeding, (grand)parenting and Alum news. Tell your friends, active and former Leaders to check out this page. Click “Like” in the upper right hand corner. There is also a Facebook group called La Leche League - Alumnae (Former-Current LLL Leaders and Members) which the LLL Alumnae Council also moderates. This group has less activity than the LLL Alumnae Association page and is more of a group for Alum-to-Alum sharing. Thank you Facebook friends for supporting the Alum community on social media.

Online Discussion Yahoo Group

Join the Alumnae Association! Stay informed with what is happening with active and former Leaders and former LLL members. Members enjoy the variety of articles in each printed copy of Continuum received received three times a year. It's a great way to connect, support, and promote the Alumnae Mission. Join!

LLL Alumnae members can join the LLL Alumnae Yahoo group. Contact us if you are a member and want help getting on the Yahoo group.

Alumnae Representatives

Alumnae Representatives may arrange social gatherings, help develop a local Alum network, attend or speak at LLL conferences, track former Leaders, connect Alums with LLL Area needs and serve as a liaison between local Alums and the LLL Alumnae Association. Check to see if your Area has an Alumnae Representative (AR). If not, consider volunteering! Contact AR Coordinator Pam Oselka at for more information if your Area needs an AR.

Local Alumnae Groups and Events

Find out if there is an LLL Alumnae Group in your city, state, or country. Learn what other Alumnae groups and see the local Alum events that are happening. Get ideas for starting your own group or Alumnae gathering. Share information about your event.

Alums Sandy Patton, Tina Pulice, Mary Strack, Barbara Gillentine, and Fran Dereszynski get together for lunch in So. California/Nevada, December 2012

Ways for Alums to Stay Connected to La Leche League

Check out these wonderful websites to stay connected:
La Leche League International

Please contact us if you'd like your LLL website or resource listed here.

Alums: Need some ideas for connection? Here are 25 good Ways to Stay Connected. Feel free to download this copy and distribute the list at your next gathering.

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