Founder Stories

The LLL Founders ~ a precious resource, an inspiration, a delight

If you have ever had the pleasure of hearing or meeting the LLL Founders, you know that they love a good story--and have plenty to tell. This collection of stories about the Founders is growing through contributions from past and present Leaders and LLL members, friends, and family, as well as the Founders themselves. We hope you'll add a story too.

Gail Moak, Oakland, California, United States:

The LLL Alumnae Association Council is appreciative that Mary Ann Cahill was able to join us on the 2011 Alum trip to St. Augustine, Florida. We were able to visit the Chapel of Our Lady of La Leche (from which the La Leche League organization based its name) and there held the We Remember ceremony to honor Leaders who have passed. Here is one remembrance from that trip.
"The co-Founders who traveled with us presented each of us attending the group dinner with a lovely silver LLL 55th Anniversary pin. I knew that my friend at work would love one of those pins. I asked Mary Ann Cahill if she had another pin that I could give to my friend. She told me the LLLI Office only gave the Founders just enough pins for the number of Alumnae members on the trip. Then she reached up on her sweater, took off her own pin, and gave it to me for my friend at work. I have tears in my eyes as I type this. My friend had tears in her eyes when I told her how I got the pin for her.
Katy Lebbing
Villa Park, Illinois USA"

Helene Scheff, Rhode Island, United States:

Two Conference stories

A group decided to go out to dinner prior to the start of a Washington, D.C., International Conference. Because of our number, we had to take two cabs. I left in the first cab with a few others. LLL Founder Vi Lennon, Carol Burke, and some Japanese physicians planned to follow. As our cab pulled away, another yellow car pulled up to the passenger waiting area. Vi opened the door, got in, and the others followed. They gave the driver the address only to discover that he was not a cabbie but a guest at the hotel! Of course they got out and waited for the next “official” cab.

Then there was the time I rode with Vi to the hotel for an International Conference in Chicago, Illinois, on what had to be the hottest day of the summer. Vi’s feet were swollen, so she waited until we got to the hotel to put on her new shoes—-purchased on sale the previous fall and still in their box. Lo and behold, she found two left shoes. Since bare feet wouldn’t work in the elegant hotel lobby, there we were in the heat, digging through the trunk and suitcases for another pair of shoes. The message of my stories? “Hang with Vi for a good time!”