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Viola Lennon with daughter Cathy and daughter Gina holding granddaughter Jessica. LLLI Conference 2007, Chicago, Illinois

We Remember

Recognition for deceased LLL Leaders was begun by Friends of La Leche League (then called the LLL Alumnae Association) in 2001. The We Remember listing of these Leaders was acknowledged at the Founders' Tea during the LLLI Conferences in 2001, 2003, 2005 and 2007. The "We Remember" ceremony was held during the Friends trip in 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017 and 2019. The list of names is updated annually on the Friends website. In addition Susan Mocsny Thomas adds each name in calligraphy in the permanent We Remember Album.

Please visit this page to pay your respects or to add information on a Leader who has died. In addition, you'll find a collection of memorials written in honor of deceased Leaders and also friends of La Leche League. If you know of a Leader who has died, please fill out this online form or you can send the following information: name, city, state, country of death, obituary link if available, and date of death to

La Leche League Co-Founder Mary White passes at age 93

Mary White has been added to our "We Remember" page. Her name will be read at the next "We Remember" ceremony, fall 2017, along with the other Leaders who have passed since the last ceremony.

"Rest in Peace, Mary White, Founder of La Leche League International. Your wisdom, sense of humor and practical attitude made a huge impact on me! Love to your wonderful family. Well done, good and faithful servant ..." -Janet Jendron, LLL Alumnae Association Council

"An amazing woman - Mary White's wisdom and sincere desire to help others influenced my life in so many ways." -Sue Steilen, LLL Alumnae Association Council

"Mary White had such an impact on me when I heard her speak at LLLI Conferences as well as when she wrote material in books and publications—LLL News sent to LLL members and Leaven sent to LLL Leaders. Her words modeled the concepts and her loving actions, especially when my children were toddlers. I again recalled those ideas when my children were teenagers. Another aspect I remember was that Mary was my LLLI editor when I edited the LLLI News Insert. Her editing tips and focus on LLL’s image had such an impact on me. Those experiences opened doors to my love of publications and editing. Over the past 35 years, her editorial wisdom and mentoring continues to remain with me today as I mentor LLL Leaders and continue to edit and review LLL publications for Areas, Area Networks, and LLLI." —Fran Dereszynski, Continuum Editor, LLL Alumnae Council

"Remembering Mary White when I was a new LLL Leader in the early 70's. (I had our first two daughters, a three-year-old & a new baby.) I had quite a challenging 'helping situation' with a mom of a newborn who could not produce much milk. Of course I had made all the 'normal suggestions', consulted with co-Leaders, and had written a letter to LLLI (yes, delivered by snail mail). To my surprise, Mary White called me! We talked for quite some time. I don't remember much of the conversation, but Mary made me feel so much better, and this new Mom continued breastfeeding, and was quite active in our Group. Through the years, I always enjoyed seeing Mary White at LLLI Conferences, at the LLLI office, etc. Those seven LLLI co-Founders changed by life in so many ways!" - Pam Oselka, LLL Alumnae Association Council

Read more here and in Breastfeeding Today. You might also enjoy Mary's own words in her update in Continuum, Vol 26, No1, March 2013. An upcoming issue of Continuum, the LLL Alumnae Association newsletter, will feature Mary White.

Founder Stories

If you have ever had the pleasure of hearing or meeting the LLLI Founders, you know that they love a good story--and have plenty to tell. This collection of stories about the Founders is growing through contributions from past and present Leaders and LLL Members, friends, and family, as well as the Founders themselves. We hope you'll add a story, too.

To learn more about the Founders and the history of LLL, read:
La Leche League International. The LLLove Story. Edited by Kaye Lowman. Schaumburg, Illinois, USA. 1978.
La Leche League International. Seven Voices One Dream. Edited by Mary Ann Cahill. Schaumburg, Illinois, USA.
La Leche League International. The Revolutionaries Wore Pearls. Edited by Kaye Lowman. Schaumburg, Illinois, USA.
Marian Tompson's autobiography: Passionate Journey: My Unexpected Life. Melissa Clark Vickers. Hale Publishing, 2011.

Read many more Founder stories in Continuum.

Conference Memories

For many of us, LLL conferences are places to form strong connections. Enjoy the conference memories of others--and add your own.

LLL Memories and Stories

If you're reading this, chances are pretty high that you've attended LLL meetings. Do you remember your first?
Ahh...those breastfeeding moments! We've all had our share: the most embarrassing, the funniest, the most touching.
Here's a chance to smile (or groan!) at the memories and experiences that others have shared. Check out this eclectic collection of LLL memories that don't fit neatly anywhere else--and add your own.


  • Read about Friends of La Leche League history in “The Alumnae Association: A Second Generation Begins” from Continuum, 2011 Vol 24 No 2, pg 4.
  • Check out a brief history of LLLI.
  • Would you like to know about LLL’s “second tier founders”—those women, inspired by the seven Founders, who got La Leche League started locally throughout the world? Read about it in this issue of Continuum as well as a description of the LLL Alumnae Association's Pioneer Project to identify these "second tier" founders.

Friends (Alums) Fun!

Parade of Nations, 2001 LLL International Conference, Chicago.

Visual History

The Friends Board held its Annual Meeting at the 2012 Texas Conference and led a session with this interactive timeline