Memories and Stories

Plaque at Wilder Park, Chicago, USA,commemorating the founding of LLL.

Founder Stories

To learn more about the Founders and the history of LLL, read:
La Leche League International. The LLLove Story. Edited by Kaye Lowman. Schaumburg, Illinois, USA. 1978.
La Leche League International. Seven Voices One Dream. Edited by Mary Ann Cahill. Schaumburg, Illinois, USA.
La Leche League International. The Revolutionaries Wore Pearls. Edited by Kaye Lowman. Schaumburg, Illinois, USA.
Marian Tompson's autobiography: Passionate Journey: My Unexpected Life. Melissa Clark Vickers. Hale Publishing, 2011.

Read many more Founder stories in Continuum.


  • Read about Friends of La Leche League history in “The Alumnae Association: A Second Generation Begins” from Continuum, 2011 Vol 24 No 2, pg 4.
  • Check out a brief of LLLI.
  • Would you like to know about LLL’s “second tier founders”—those women, inspired by the seven Founders, who got La Leche League started locally throughout the world? Read about it in this issue of Continuum as well as a description of the LLL Alumnae Association's Pioneer Project to identify these "second tier" founders.

Friends (Alums) Fun!

Parade of Nations, 2001 LLL International Conference, Chicago.

Visual History

The Friends Board held its Annual Meeting at the 2012 Texas Conference and led a session with this interactive timeline