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LLLI Celebrates its 60th Anniversary

LLLI 60th Anniversary!

The official LLLI 60th anniversary year will run from October 1, 2016 to September 30, 2017. To unite friends of La Leche League around the world, your local conferences and celebrations could be planned within this time frame.

The overall theme for our anniversary is “Building a Legacy,” which relates to breastfeeding and La Leche League on many levels. By breastfeeding our children, we lay the foundations of a legacy for good health. The work we do as Leaders builds a legacy of breastfeeding knowledge in our communities and the families we work alongside. La Leche League as an organization has been building a legacy for future generations and the Founders have built a legacy of values. Celebration plans and items that will be available include a film featuring interviews with the Founders, a breastfeeding song, online conference sessions, an anniversary logo, and a necklace with beads collected from around the world.

Join the Facebook group "LLLI 60th Anniversary" for more info.

News for Alums

Planning a 2017 Trip?

Consider combining a trip with a La Leche League event. Perhaps you want an educational vacation or perhaps you would like to attend with your daughter or daughter-in-law. If you have a family member in these Areas or living nearby, it is a great opportunity for a road trip--be in an LLL-friendly atmosphere for breastfeeding families. How about a trip to join them and meet up at the conference? Share this link with friends and former/retired Leaders you are in contact with and enjoy the time to learn more, refresh, and renew!

For updates on these and world-wide LLLI events, check

The LLL Alumnae Association plans a trip every two years. Save the date: October 19 - 23, 2017 and enjoy San Diego, California accompanied by La Leche League Alums.

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We try to make the LLL Alumnae Association Facebook page worthwhile and fun for you with daily posts about breastfeeding, (grand)parenting and Alum news. Tell your friends, active and former Leaders to check out this page. Click “Like” in the upper right hand corner. There is also a Facebook group called La Leche League - Alumnae (Former-Current LLL Leaders and Members) which the LLL Alumnae Council also moderates. This group has less activity than the LLL Alumnae Association page and is more of a group for Alum-to-Alum sharing. Thank you Facebook friends for supporting the Alum community on social media.

The LLL Alumnae Association Supports the LLL Breastfeeding Helpline-US

The LLL Breastfeeding Helpline-US is one of the ways the LLL Alumnae Association supports LLL's mission: Since 2008, the LLL Alumnae Association has donated approximately $20,000 to the Helpline. During the the last three fiscal years the Alums donated $3,000 each year, which is about 10% of the Helpline annual budget. For the year ending March 2015, the LLL Alumnae Association donated $3000, tribute membership donations were $120, and individual donations were $390.

The LLL Alumnae Association also collects donations for the Helpline; 100% of donations you give via the LLL Alumnae Association will be sent to the Helpline, in addition to what has been budgeted. Make a donation via the LLL Alumnae website.

Active Leaders who have Internet access can be a Helpline volunteer. Training is available.