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Continuum is the quarterly members-only online newsletter of Friends of La Leche League. Each issue is filled with stories of our activities, fun ideas, book reviews, memories, and news about our trips and mini-grants. Do you have anything you’d like to contribute? Contact our editor, Sue Ann Kendall:

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2020 Vol 33 No 1: Greetings from an Isolated Basement; Announcing 2020 Mini-Grants; Making Connections - Long Distance!; The Art of Downsizing (Part 2); Recognizing Cecily Harkins; You Might Like to Read . . . Greetings from an Isolated Basement; Announci [PDF]
2019 Vol 32 No 4: Editorial Howdy from Texas; The Good TImes Rolled in New Orleans; Meet Your Neighbor on a Friends Trip; The Art of DownsIzing (Part 1); Pins!; You Might Like to Read . . .; Flexible Grandkid Holidays; A Thank-You from Marian Tompson Edit [PDF]
2019 Vol 32 No 2: New Orleans trip, LLLI Legacy Society, Mini-Grant updates, Family blogging, Friends/API/LLL Joint Conference [PDF]
2019 Vol 33 No 1: New Logo! New Look!; Membership Program Changes; Book Reviews; Mini-Grants; LLLI Legacy Society; Introducing Sue Ann Kendall; Coming Soon! Continuum Online; Board Members; New Orleans Trip; Thank You Fran Dereszynski; Leader Pins [PDF]
2018 Vol 31 No 3: Transitions in Our Lives Introducing Kathy Parkes; Thank You, Patti Hope; Before Mom Dies; Family Financial Planning; Estate Planning; Publications History; 2019 New Orleans Trip; Oaklyn's First Christmas; Friends of LLL Board Members; B [PDF]
2018 Vol 31 No 2: LLL Massachusetts 40th Campout. Marian Tompson Resigns from LLLI Board; Our New Name: Friends of LLL; Grant Opportunity; Book Reviews; Cruising: Unpack Once; LLL in Manistique, MI; Family Memories of WW II. [PDF]
2018 Vol 31 No 1: Why I Renewed My LLL Alumnae Membership Letter Writing A Lost Art; Member Survey Feedback; San Diego Trip Memories; Downsizing Mailbox; Pam Oselka's Retirement and more... [PDF]
2017 Vol 30 No 3: Downsizing. Hospice Care: Midwifery in Reverse; Book Reviews; Grandmother's Guide to (Bad) Language; Mary Ann Kerwin's Update; Wilder Park Celebration...and more! [PDF]
2017 Vol 30 No 2: My Pen Pal Friendship Grandparenting; 2015 Trip Attendees' Comments; We Remember: A Tradition; Modeling LLL Philosophy; San Diego Itinerary & Registration; Reader Survey; Oxytoxin: Hormone of Affiliation; Alum's Homeschooling Book Update [PDF]
2017 Vol 30 No 1: Long Distance Grandparenting Can Be Fun! Explore San Diego. Friends at LLLI 60th Anniversary Celebration. Continuum Another Perspective. Thank You, Sue Steilen. Introducing Anne Hutton. Looking Forward to San Diego. LLL: 60 Years Strong. [PDF]
2016 Vol 29 No 3: I Want to Do Nothing; Alums Stop to Smell the Roses; Remembering LLL Co-Founder Mary White; Book Reviews; San Diego, California: 2017 Alum Trip. [PDF]
2016 Vol 29 No 2: Making Memories with My Grandchildren; In This Season of Partings/Facing Losses; Retiree's Summer Jobs in Yellowstone National Park; Donate to LLLI 60th Anniversary DVD ; New LLLI 60th Anniversary Pins [PDF]
2016 Vol 29 No 1: Family Get-togethers: Plan Ahead More Than Ever; Thank You Alum Trip Donors; Alums Gather in Charleston; Book Reviews; Reflections on Caregiving; A Special Needs Baby; Latest Tribute Membership [PDF]
2015 Vol 28 No 3: Like a Bridge Over Troubled Waters: Uniting Your Village! Christmas Hope; Book Reviews; My Recent Visit to the Library; Alums at LLL Area Conferences and Leader Gatherings; Fiscal Year Report. [PDF]
2015 Vol 28 No 2: Finding Resilience as You Care for Aging Loved Ones. Alum Trip Registration; Mary Ball Washington, George Washington's "Revered Mother;" Cultivating Continuum; Area Conference Reports; Tips to Navigate the Alumnae Website. [PDF]
2015 Vol 28 No 1: Tine Thevenin Slept Here. Your Eye Health; 2013-2014 Finance Report; KY/TN Leader Enrichment Day; Remembering Mary Ann Cahill; Reunion of Retired Leaders in Nashville, Tennessee; Welcome Janet Jendron, Council Member-at-Large; What Are [PDF]
2014 Vol 27 No 3: My Daughter, the LLL Leader; We Remember Judy Torgus: Memories from Friends; Lisa Manning's The Heart of the Matter; Fifty Amazing Years: Our Story; Sonoma County's Native Breastfeeding Council; Save the Date: 2015 Alum Trip [PDF]
2014 Vol 27 No 2: Sometimes It's Not What You See, But What You Don't. Bonding Session with Forgiving iPad Leads to Instant Love; In Defense of Grandmothering; Recent Tribute Memberships; Alums at Recent Conferences & Reunions; Marian Tompson Reactivates; [PDF]
2014 Vol 27 No 1: Decluttering January - April 2014. Albuquerque in the Fall; Invitation to My New Blog; The Magic of Mothering; Helpline Needs Alum Support; Book Reviews; Memories of My Trip to Albuquerque; With Gratitude to Donors; My Albuquerque Memori [PDF]
2013 Vol 26 No 3: September-December 2013. LLL Can Last a Lifetime: A Haven in the Storm. Grandmotherly Reassurance; Falls Among Older Adults; Why I Wrote a New Childbirth Book; LLL Breastfeeding Helpline-US Update; Filling a Child's Emotional Tank. [PDF]
2013 Vol 26 No 2: May-August 2013 Life after LLL: Margaret Bennet-Alder; Registration Brochure 2013 Albuquerque Trip; How I Lost Weight Without Dieting; Remembering Sally Murphy; A Special Tree in Wilder Park. Everyone Told Us How Wonderful It Is to Be Gr [PDF]
2013 Vol 26 No 1: January-April 2013: Staying Connected with Grandchildren. Ways to Communicate with Grandchildren; Learning History Up Close and Personal; 2013 Alumnae Trip; Texting; Update from Mary White, LLL Founder; Book Reviews; New Alum Reps [PDF]
2012 Vol 25 No 3: A Year to Remember. Founders' Updates.. 2013 Alum Trip. Alumnae Council Activities. An Evening with Marian Tompson; Life Moments with a Founder. LLL Candy. Cleaning out Storage Space. When It's Time to Retire. [PDF]
2012 Vol 25 No 2: A Profound Impact on My Life Life After La Leche League; What Do Your Grandchildren Call You? Memories of Delight; Book Reviews; Reduced Membership Offer; Web Site Coordinator Search [PDF]
2012 Vol 25 No 1: A Huge Family Undertaking: College Student Moving Across the Country Memories & photos of Alums & Founders in St. Augustine; Alumnae Annual Meeting; What You Might Like to Read; Waiting to Say Goodbye [PDF]
2011 Vol 24 No 3: It Only Happened Because of LLL..and a Little Help from My Granddaughter [PDF]
2011 Vol 24 No 2: Holiday Thoughts and Traditions [PDF]
2011 Vol 24 No 1: Grand Influence [PDF]
2010 Vol 23 No 3: A Heartwarming LLL Story [PDF]
2010 Vol 23 No 2: La Leche League as a Turning Point [PDF]
2010 Vol 23 No 1: We Remember Viola Brennan Lennon [PDF]
2009 Vol 22 No 3: Make Peace with Anyone [PDF]
2009 Vol 22 No 2: Traveling Alone: The First Year of Widowhood [PDF]
2009 Vol 22 No 1: Dedicated to Betty Wagner Spandikow, LLL Co-Founder [PDF]
2008 Vol 21 No 3: Dedicated to Edwina Froehlich, LLL Co-Founder [PDF]
2008 Vol 21 No 2: The Empty Nest [PDF]
2008 Vol 21 No 1: We Grieve Over More Than Death [PDF]
2007 Vol 20 No 2: Holiday Season—Escape the Coulda-Shoulda-Wouldas [PDF]
2004 Vol 17 No 2: The Universal, Delightful Compulsion to Read [PDF]
2004 Vol 18 No 1: LLLI Is a Natural Fit for This Russian Physician [PDF]
2003 Vol 17 No 3: The Politics of Breastfeeding, continued [PDF]
2003 Vol 16 No 2: Find Some Negative Space for Positive Renewal [PDF]
2002 Vol 15 No 3: LLL's Renewal Initiative Is in Your Hands [PDF]
2002 Vol 15 No 2: When We Were Alive and Engaged in LLLI [PDF]
2002 Vol 15 No 1: Co-constructing the LLL of our Dreams [PDF]
2000 Vol 13 No 1: Personality Type ~ A lifelong journey of discovery [PDF]
1999 Vol 12 No 3: A Quest for the Past Ignites Passion for the Future [PDF]
1999 Vol 12 No 2: Read a Good Book Lately? [PDF]
1999 Vol 12 No 1: Beholding the Crone Years [PDF]