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The mission: to support La Leche League as a resource and inspiration for future generations, encourage lifelong connections with the LLL community, and share the insights and wisdom that began with the breastfeeding relationship.


LLL Alumnae Association is on Facebook. The Facebook group is open to Friends of La Leche League members and non-members. Join the conversation!
We try to make the La Leche League Alumnae Association Facebook page worthwhile and fun for you with daily posts about breastfeeding, (grand)parenting and Friends news. Tell your friends, active and former Leaders to check out this page. Click “Like” in the upper right hand corner. There is also a Friends of la leche League Group group which the Friends of La Leche League Board also moderates. This group has less activity than the LLL Alumnae Association page and is more of a group for Friends-to=Friends sharing. Thank you Facebook friends for supporting the Friends of La Leche League community on social media.

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Below are current listings of Friends of La Leche League members worldwide -- sorted by name and by State/Province/Country.

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If you want to get in touch with local Friends members or are planning a Friends gathering, please contact Anne Hutton, Membership Coordinator, at for a list of local Friends members and their contact information.

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Find out if there is an Friends Group in your city, state, or country. Learn what other Friends groups and see the local Friends events that are happening. Get ideas for starting your own group or Friends gathering. Share information about your event.

Leaders, Leader Applicants and retired Leaders at a lecture, UCSF.

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Check out these wonderful websites to stay connected:
La Leche League International

Please contact us if you'd like your LLL website or resource listed here.

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