25 Ways for Alums to Stay Connected to LLL

  1. Tell someone who is pregnant about La Leche League
  2. Attend a local LLL meeting in your community
  3. Start an email chat list for local Alums to connect and gather informally
  4. Reconnect with an old LLL friend
  5. Send an Alum gift membership to a friend for a holiday, birthday or other occasion
  6. Start planning now to attend an upcoming Area conference or LLL event
  7. Contact poselka1945@att.net to become a local Alum Representative (AR)
  8. “Like” the Alum Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/LLLAlumnaeAssociation to
    receive daily posts about breastfeeding, parenting, and Alum news
  9. Volunteer to speak at an LLL workshop or local Conference
  10. Contact local LLL Leaders to offer your help
  11. Give The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding as a gift
  12. Participate in a local breastfeeding task force or coalition
  13. Visit the Alumnae Association, your Area, and LLLI websites for updates
  14. Write an article or review a book for Continuum
  15. Offer to host a local Alumnae lunch, potluck or dinner in your community
  16. Invite a Leader to lunch
  17. Encourage your local hospital to become Baby-Friendly
  18. Recommend The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding or a new LLL book to your local library
  19. Help your employer support employed breastfeeding families.
  20. Donate to the LLL Breastfeeding Helpline-US at www.breastfeedinghelpline.com
  21. Share your LLL memories or stories online at lllalumnae.org/Memories-Stories
  22. Join the Alum Yahoo group. Contact Sara at saradfurr@gmail.com to join. Alum
    members share ideas and receive Alum/LLLI news between issues of Continuum
  23. Contact Alum Coordinator Edna at eekelly@swbell.net to volunteer with a short-term task
  24. Share issues of Continuum with a friend. Invite her to join the Alums at lllalumnae.org/join
  25. And, of course, join the Alumnae Association! lllalumnae.org/join

Please download this list and distribute at your next gathering.