Chris Mulford

Pennsylvania United States
(b. 1941 - d. 2011)

On August 23, 2011, Chris Mulford from Swathmore, Pennsylvania, USA, passed away at the age of 69. She suffered from a sudden stroke while hiking with her husband George in the mountains of Wyoming. George and Chris have two grown children, Zoe and Toby. Chris was a La Leche League Leader. For decades, she was involved with many organizations that promoted and supported breastfeeding. She was a popular speaker at breastfeeding conferences and was known for her succinct and eloquent essays on breastfeeding related subjects. Chris’s last gift to this world was as an organ donor. In February 2011, Chris wrote: "I believe breastfeeding is far more than a health issue. For me, it was a way to take care of myself and my babies, not just a way to feed them. It was an activity, a life stage, that shaped me as a person and permeated my relationships with my children, family, and friends."