Vickie Cleaveland

Georgia United States
(b. - d. 2004)

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Tribute from Barbara Mullins, LLL Leader in Arkansas, August 2004:
My dear friend and former La Leche League co-Leader, Vickie Cleveland, died from breast cancer. She was only in her 40's, and four of her six children are still at home. She was an amazing woman: smart, funny, talented, always looked great, and put her family first in everything.

Vickie was raised in Arkansas, and until about 7 years ago when her husband's job took them to Atlanta, never lived more than a few miles from her parents. She our ACL prior to the move. I don't know if she continued with LLL in Georgia - she was focused on settling her family into the new location, homeschooling. After retiring from LLL, she began a midwifery apprenticeship and loved it. I think she was close to the end of the apprenticeship when the cancer appeared.

One of the Leaders in another part of our Area posted this about Vickie after her passing, amid other tributes on our Area list:

"Vickie was leading the first LLL meeting I ever attended, more than ten years ago now. I had an epiphany as she talked and took care of her smallest one at the same time...for the first time, I saw a woman I wanted to emulate. My first example of a joyful, compassionate, smart woman who was mothering with her whole self...mind, heart and soul. I knew RIGHT THEN that my life was about to turn toward this new thing...this art of mothering...and that I would never again be the same. I am so thankful for her example."