Ann Dawson

(b. 1934 - d. 2002)

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1/30/02: Phyllis Davis, LLL Leader, Beaverton, Ontario, Canada shared this memory of Ann:

Ann Dawson was a very special person in my life. Not only was she my best friend, but she was also the reason I was successful nursing my second, third and fourth children after failing miserably the first time. Because of her I became a Leader as well, so I could work along with her in LLL. Together we ran the Group for several years until my family moved to Beaverton. Ann and Charles Dawson raised four lovely daughters (Cathy, Helen, Mary and Nancy), whom I love like my own. She was a teacher, a master knitter and quilter and was always ready to help others. For example, five years ago I had kidney disease, and she told me that if I ever needed a transplant she would be willing to be tested for compatibility. That's a real friend! Ann passed away last week after a courageous but short fight with cancer. I will miss her.