Patricia Gandt

Massachusetts United States
(b. - d. 2009)

Pat's husband Dick Gandt sent this for the files. Pat Gandt, wife of Dick Gandt since 1965, passed away in December. She is survived by Dick, her six children, and 15 grandchildren. Raised in Pittsburg, Pat was a graduate of Duquesne University and a Registered Nurse. She and Dick met at a shipmate’s wedding and again at the Philadelphia naval base where she was a U.S. Navy nurse. Proud as she was to be a Navy nurse, she became ‘just’ an officer’s wife when her tour was cut short by a “service incurred disability” (pregnancy). Pat became one of the first Board Certified Lactation Consultants and was on-staff at the local hospital. In church and community, Pat was an avid volunteer and she was a leader in La Leche League, an international organization dedicated to assisting nursing mothers. Pat always shared her love with others -- especially mothers nurturing their children.