Rosemary Gauld

(b. - d. 2015)

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Shared by Ellen Kamman, La Leche League Leader, on Facebook at

October 2015: A few weeks ago, La Leche League Leader Rosemary Gauld passed away after a short battle with cancer. When local Leaders heard she was sick, initially she didn't want anyone to know. But the Leaders wanted to do something for her, so they mobilized together to knit or crochet a square to create a blanket. They did this pretending it was to celebrate her 40th year as a Leader--a little white lie. They knew they would have very little time left with Rose. At an annual gathering at the end of July, they gave Rose her blanket. She treasured her blanket, and used it every day. She passed away on September 24, 2015. La Leche League was a huge part of her life and that of her family