Tributes and Memorials

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Five-year tribute, posted online from 4/10/2016 - 4/10/2021 from Barbara Sasser, Galveston, Texas USA, to honor Kathy Grossman, Moab, Utah USA. “Kathy has given much to LLLI as a Leader and editor of many LLL publications.”

8/25/2017 One-year tribute from Jennifer Good Spires, Mansfield Ohio USA, to honor Dr. Jim Good and Judy Good, Columbus, Ohio USA, “A tribute to my parents who helped countless families with breastfeeding and gentle parenting.”

12/27/2017 One-year tribute from Melissa Vickers, Huntingdon, Tennessee USA, to honor Sara Dodder Furr of Lincoln, Nebraska. Sara passed away on December 27, 2017. "An amazing Leader (gone too soon). She worked tirelessly for what she believed in, including La Leche League." 12/27/2017 - 12/27/2018.

2/8/2018 One-year tribute from Nancy Sherwood, Reston, VA USA, to honor Marian Tompson. "When I was a young woman expecting a new baby, I got a note signed by Marian Tompson!" 2/8/2018 - 2/8/2019.

Donors for LLL co-Founders to attend the Alum trip as of 12/31/2017.

Carroll Beckham
Carroll Bollin
Pam Bridgmon
Joan Crothers
Connie Davis
Fran Dereszynski
Kathy Doody
Judy Elder
Sue Garcia
Jacque Gates
Barbara Gillentine
Susan Giroux
Mary Gisch
Margaret Goebel
Mickey Hardert
Ginny Innocenti
Janet Jendron
Edna Kelly
Charlotte Knopf
Andi LaMar
Tanya Lazorwitz
Katy Lebbing
Meta Levin
Lou-Ellen MacDonald
Sande Malinich
Gayle McLean
Joan Meyer
Gail Moak
Barbara Mullins
Pat Orzech
Pam Oselka
Leslie Ostyn
Pat Purdy
Ann Russell
Patricia Spanjer
Carolyn Vemulapalli
Ginny Wilkinson
Marge Yeager
Alice Ziring

"Please kindly convey my wholehearted gratitude to all the Members of the Council and to the Alums who were able to join you in San Diego and also find time to send personal notes to me. I am very grateful for each and every card that was sent to me and am surrounded by them. This made me feel that I was connected in spirit with all of you—as I was... As I have said over and over again, anything I ever might have done to help others through La Leche League has been returned thousands and thousands of times!!!!"
-Mary Ann Kerwin, La Leche League International co-Founder

2017 Donors to LLL Breastfeeding Helpline-US

Virginia Boehke
Kathleen Doody
Mary Jean Hickey
Linda Parry

Unrestricted donations to LLL Alumnae Association as of 12/31/2017

Nancy Benware
Jacque Gates
Janet Jendron
Mehrunissa Owens
Michelle Sharit
Marge Yeager